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Welcome to the world of natural skincare....


The Blue Moonstone produces skin care products using the most natural of ingredients such as sweet almond oil, thistle oil, cocoa butter and essential oils of lavender rose and frankincense, to name but a few.

Many of the larger well-known cosmetic companies use by-products from the oil industry and synthetic ingredients. They also continue to use paraben as a preservative, even though studies have been carried out suggesting that it could be carcinogenic. The Blue Moonstone uses an ingredient used to preserve food, which extends its shelf life whilst still allowing the product to be gentle but effective and safe. 

There is no wonder so many people suffer from so many unexplainable conditions, we are surrounded by unnatural chemicals that are poisoning us, not only in our toiletries and cleaning products but also in our food. We shouldn’t actually put anything onto our skin that we can’t eat as the skin is permeable and it absorbs.

The Blue Moonstone creams are edible before the essential oils are added and adding the oils gives them their therapeutic effects. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, to relieve pain, aid healing and kill bacteria. We use these oils in our products as we believe ‘natural is natural’ and that is exactly what we are.

The Blue Moonstone does not test any of its products on animals. We have very strong views on this and many people would be shocked to know that the majority of cosmetics, shampoos, cleaning and household products are tested on animals. I carry around a copy of The Compassionate Shopping Guide (a copy of which can be obtained from Naturewatch Tel 01242 252 871) and check everything I buy now.

I do hope you enjoy using The Blue Moonstone products. I am always open to suggestions as to how to improve them for you and would welcome any feedback. Please e-mail us direct.

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